Our Mission

Medical Rescue Team South Authority provides health care to patients in the prehospital setting. As a part of the health care delivery system, we believe that our services help maintain a healthy and productive society.  For this reason we place great emphasis on the compassion and skill of our trained staff, seeking ways to share our professionalism with the community at large. We commit to the continuous improvement of our preventive and dynamic health care services in ways that will contribute to a “seamless” transition of our patients through the continuum of care.  We will also continue to seek ways to insure that we meet the challenges of an ever-changing health care delivery system, however that system may develop.


MRTSA responds to approximately 10,000 calls per year and provides 24/7 advanced life support. 

MRTSA has a rich history through our staff, with a cumulative total of over 600 years experience and our field medics with an average of 17 years experience. This type of retention and experience is unprecedented throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Our staff is committed to not only providing excellent emergency medical services, but strives to reach above and beyond in every facet of pre-hospital care.

315 Cypress Way
Pittsburgh, PA 15228