Athletic Standby

MRTSA provides athletic medical standby coverage for the communities we serve. We provide EMT's and/or Paramedics for midget to varsity football, lacrosse, soccer, swimming, wrestling, boxing and ice skating events. Ambulance or single person coverage is available depending on WPIAL rules and community requests. For more information or to schedule coverage for athletic events please call our administration office at 412-343-5111 or complete the form below. 

EMS bike Team

The MRTSA EMS Bike Team was formed in 2008 to provide optimal coverage for many events to which Medical Rescue Team South deploys. Events such as Fourth of July celebrations, varsity football games, Martha's Run in Mt. Lebanon, the Mt. Lebanon Ultra Party and First Fridays, are attended by large crowds, making response to a patient and accessibility by emergency vehicles challenging. The paramedics and EMT's of the Bike Team are able to respond quickly, with bicycles specially made and equipped for EMS duty. These EMS crews can arrive quickly and provide a faster patient assessment and begin treatment of the patient. The bicycles used by the Team are Fugi mountain bikes. They are equipped with headlights, tail lights, emergency flashers and a siren. The medical gear is carried on the rider's uniform, as well as in specially made bags attached to the bike. Some of this equipment is as follows: Intravenous Fluids Oxygen, Emergency Airways, Bag Valve Mask Resucitator Medtronic Lifepak 500 Automated External Defibrillator Trauma Equipment including wound dressings Medications for cardiac and respiratory emergencies. 

All team members have distinctive uniforms consisting of high visibility yellow shirts, and bike shorts and pants, and of course a protective helmet.  

Car Seat Safety

PA TECHS report that nine out of ten car seats are improperly installed. Our mission is to teach parents and caregivers about the safest ways to transport children.  We advocate the proper use of child seats according to the manufacturer's instructions. Every situation is different and not every seat fits every vehicle.  We will make the best recommendation to you and work with you for a proper installation.  We ask you to help so that you can confidently secure your child in your vehicle, so that every ride is a safe ride.  

MRTSA is an official Traffic Injury Prevention Program (TIPP) inspection site through PennDot and a member of  


Honor Guard

The MRTSA Honor Guard was created in the fall of 2000. It consists of 7 members including a Chaplain. The Honor Guard participates in public safety funerals, parades and service recognition.  Past events include EMS Recognition Night- Pittsburgh Pirates, Philadelphia LODD & Mt. Lebanon Centennial Parade.